Top 10 Movie Speeches of My Lifetime in Ten Days – #3

Posted on August 1, 2010


The movie speech at number 3 was not just a speech, it was 2 speeches! The movie is Lean on Me. Whenever I see Morgan Freeman in a movie or whenever I hear that name I think of this movie and principal Joe Clark. Mr. Freeman became Joe Clark, plain and simple. He played this role so well and had so many poignant moments I couldn’t decide between the 2 speeches, so I picked both. The first is when he addressed the parents in a meeting to explain why he expelled several students from the school, just priceless. The second speech is when they are going to take their minimum proficiency exam and he gives them the motivation they need. Just a great all around movie and again one of the all time performances in a movie turned in by Morgan Freeman.

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#3. Morgan Freeman’s 2 speeches in Lean on Me (1989).

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