Review: Salt (2010) PG-13

Posted on July 28, 2010


Ok start reading. Have your attention? See clearly? Here goes. DO NOT MESS WITH EVELYN SALT! I saw this movie last night. I have to say Angelina Jolie plays one bad ass lady.I am usually not a huge fan of hers, but that started to turn around when I saw Changeling. I thought she did a good job in that movie, but Salt is definitely the best Angelina Jolie movie I personally have ever seen. She was basically the female version of Jason Bourne. As much as Bourne rocked, they made Salt rock harder. I will not give anything away but this movie had one of the best action moves I’ve seen in a long time in it.

The plot of the movie involves Evelyn Salt who is a member of the CIA and has sworn an oath to duty and country. However, her loyalties will be tested when a Russian defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. With seemingly no other alternatives she goes on the run to to try and clear her name. During which time she will use her in depth training as a secret government operative to elude capture by her CIA colleagues. Will she succeed in her quest to have them believe her?

Salt from writer Kurt Wimmer (Law Abiding Citizen, Street Kings and The Recruit) and director Phillip Noyce (The Bone Collector, The Saint and Patriot Games) is at times an action packed thrill ride and other times a mystery. The main cast of the movie includes Jolie, Liev Schreiber (Winter), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Peabody). Jolie was silky smooth as a secret operative in this movie and I believe did a fine job. Liv Schreiber is a good actor that has made a career it seems by playing characters you can’t stand but seem to have some redeeming qualities such as his roles in the movies Defiance and Wolverine. Ejiofor who I last saw as the main villain in Four Brothers did a good job in this film as well. In addition to the quality acting I thought the camera work in this movie was spectacular as there were a lot of close-ups  and angled shots during the action sequences that tried to put a somewhat fresh spin on things.

This movie was originally written for a male lead and Tom Cruise was supposed to play the part, but for whatever reason he backed out. The lead role was re-written for a female character and Angelina Jolie signed on. It is reported that she did most of her own stunts in the movie and also sustained a head injury while shooting. She was taken to the hospital and released the same day. The movie was filmed in Washington D.C., New York city and Albany, New York in the spring and summer of 2009. If you are a fan of high octane action thriller and espionage type movies and/or a fan of Angelina Jolie than you will love this movie. For me, I’m glad I saw it in the theater and will plan on watching it again when it comes out on DVD.

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